Monday, 7 December 2015

A Big Thank-you to Our Supporters!

 Plus GivingTuesday Quiz Answers

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who attended the Mabel’s Fables private shopping evening in support of Kids' Lit Quiz Canada last Wednesday! Proceeds were up from last year and we’re grateful to Mabel’s Fables for their support in hosting this event.

Thanks also to those who participated in our Twitter Quiz on GivingTuesday and congrats to Kimberly Senf, who won a free registration for a team of her choice! The answers can be found below. These questions were all taken from official pre-competition prep questions from past years, so they’re designed to give teams an idea of what they might come up against in the real Kids’ Lit Quiz competitions. Bring on #KLQCA 2016!

Q1. What bear had the name ‘Mr. Sanders’ in gold letters above his door?
A1. Winnie the Pooh

Q2. In The Lorax, what did the Once-ler knit from the Truffula Trees?
A2. Thneeds

Q3. What was Anne’s last name in Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery?
A3. Shirley

Q4. In which of Roald Dahl’s books was Sophie the main character?
A4.The BFG

Q5. Miss Lilly teaches ballet. Who is her famous pink-dressed ballerina?
A5. Angelina Ballerina

Q6. Three toy animals live in a popsicle barn in a series of books by Ruth Ohi. There is Chicken, Pig and what other animal?
 A6. Cow

Q7. Asterix and Obelix live in a village in what ancient part of France?
 A7. Gaul

Q8. In the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red, what animal was enchanted?
A8. The bear

Q9. Which famous writer from the 14th century wrote The Canterbury Tales?
A9. Chaucer

Q10. What Marvel comic superhero is depicted as an old Norse god carrying a hammer?
A10. Thor

Q11. In the novel Holes, whose first and last name reads the same both backwards and forwards?
A11. Stanley Yelnats

Q12. Nicola Paver wrote The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. What was the title of the first book in this series?
A12. Wolf Brother

Q13. In the Iron Man comics and movie, who is Tony Stark’s secretary?
A13. Pepper Potts

Q14. In what UK city does J. K. Rowling live?
A14. Edinburgh

Q15. What book by Diana Wynne Jones about a portable residence was made into a Japanese animated movie?
A15. Howl’s Moving Castle

Q16. Who is the third grade girl in a series of books by Megan McDonald?
A16. Judy Moody

Q17. Who pulls two passenger coaches called Annie and Clarabel?
A17. Thomas the Tank Engine

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