Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Curious about how kids feel about Kids' Lit Quiz? Lukas Brull, a grade 6 student at Cottingham Junior Public School, wrote this inspiring piece about the quiz...

    KIDS LIT QUIZ is like the moon to the midnight sky and the crimson to the autumn leaves.
     It’s like a dream far from reality, a dream I never want to wake up from, a dream I
  want to experience over and over. It is full of amusing aspects and long stimulating journeys. This event is not only for people who enjoy literature and reading, though it is also for people who want to experience the time of their lives. Not only do I experience this event but I absorb it, live it and dream it.
I could not feel anymore diversion from a school activity than I experience at Kids lit quiz.

KIDS LIT QUIZ is like the sun to brightness and the horizon to every path.
I live it like a second life and breathe it like oxygen. It grows my mind like rain to a tree and controls my interest like the moon controls the ocean.
It brightens my world like sun to the night sky and flows my sea of thoughts like waves in the Pacific Ocean.
Despite the short amount of time, the journeys of happiness I experience
Make it feel like a second world.

KIDS LIT QUIZ is the colours to art and the key to every door.
It opens my world like a coconut and defeats all my darkness like a drain in the bathtub.
It is the planet to our world and thought of every dream. It is the home to fun and happiness and the key to the treasure chest of your true colours.
It is what transformed my dreams to reality and what turned on the light to my mind.
     Thank you KIDS LIT QUIZ.

         Lukas Brull- Grade 6—Cottingham Junior Public School 

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